Since July, 2016

President: Vladimir Ikonomov, CFE


Works at First Investment Bank AD (Fibank) as Project Manager at the Strategic Planning and Development Directorate.

Long-term employee of the Internal Audit Directorate within Fibank – gone through different functional and hierarchical levels within the unit.

Has more than 5 years experience related to investigation, analysis and prevention of internal fraud.

Participated in a team and directly led the development of specialized software applications to intercept and analyze unlawful actions – both external fraud (customers, contractors) and internal fraud (employees).

ACFE Bulgaria member since 2013


Vice President: Iavor Bachev, CFE


I am currently working in the FIDS ( Fraud Investigation and Dispute Services) department in Ernst Young (EY) Bulgaria. I have experience in a variety of audit and non-audit engagements for financial and non-financial institutions. I am a Certified Internal Auditor and member of IIA. My goal is to further develop the area of anti-fraud in Bulgaria

ACFE Bulgaria member since 2014


Secretary: Gergana Stancheva


Ms. Gergana Stancheva works as a Senior Auditor in the Bulgarian National Audit Office. She began her career as a lecturer-consultant, working as a financial controller and later as a chief financial controller in the Public Financial Inspection Agency.

From 1994 to 2008 Ms. Stancheva worked in various capacities within National Revenue Agency

Ms. Stancheva graduated from the Karl Marx Higher Institute of Economics, now the Bulgarian University of National and World Economy, with a M.S. in Accounting and Financial Control. Also has a certification as Internal Auditor in the Public Sector from the Ministry of Finance, and is certified to use and train other users in the audit automation software PENTATA. Ms. Stancheva also teaches qualification courses on preventing and combatting government and public-sector corruption.

Since 2009 she has been an Associate member of the USA Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and Association of the Certified Expert of Fraud Detection. Since 2016 she is secretary of the Bulgarian Association of Certified Experts in Fraud Detection.

ACFE Bulgaria member since 2009

Cashier: Nadia Ivanova-Spasova, CFE

ACFE Bulgaria member since 2009


Training Director: Teodor Novakov, CFE

Hi, my name is Teodor Novakov, 30 years old. I am certified member at the ACFE-Branch Bulgaria since 2013, Chapter Trainee Director since 2016 with 2 year term of office
and member at the ACFE USA since 2012.
I work as a Internal Auditor in First Investment Bank since 2010 and my work consist of participation in wide range of audits including Head office departments and Branches
according to the yearly audit plan( and investigating fraud cases.

ACFE Bulgaria member since 2013




For the period 2013 – 2016 

President – Yordanka Dimitrova, CFE

Vice President – Nevena Balahurova, CFE 

Secretary – Galina Ilieva, CFE

Cashier – Rositsa Dimitrova-Simeonova, CFE

Training Director – Krasimir Logofetov, CFE


For the period 2011 – 2013

President – Nevena Balahurova, CFE

Vice President – Krasimir Logofetov, CFE

Secretary – Serafim Sofroniev, CFE

Cashier – Rositsa Dimitrova-Simeonova, CFE

Training Director – Elena Balabina, CFE