A member or associate of the ACFE Bulgaria may be any person who shares the objectives of the Association and the means of achieving them, abide its Bylaws, and pays its membership fees regularly.

Membership Categories:

1. CFE – Certified fraud examiner
2. Associate member
3. Associate

Requirements and documentation:

Membership Type CFE and Associate Member Associate
Participation in ACFE Bulgaria events Free of charge Free of charge
ACFE USA Membership Requirements Active Membership (http://www.acfe.com/getting-started-categories.aspx). This requirement is not applied in case of a CFE Exam Review Course registration, since it provides the member with one year prepaid membership as part of the core training package.
No mandatory membership of ACFE USA is required
How to apply Submit the following documents to email address info@acfe.bg:
Membership application (scanned with signature) and CV
Documents Membership Application Form Documents: Membership Application
Annual membership fee ACFE Bulgaria – 60 BGN
ACFE USA – $ 100 (electronic membership without paper materials)
ACFE Bulgaria – 120 BGN

Membership applications are considered during a meeting of the ACFE Bulgaria Board of Directors.

The annual membership fee to ACFE Bulgaria is payable by bank transfer within 10 working days of the applicant’s acceptance. The bank account could be found in the “Contacts” section of our website.

The annual membership fee to ACFE USA is payable electronically by a method specified by ACFE USA.