The main goals of the Association are:

1) To promote fraud deterrence and detection through the dissemination of knowledge and interaction between the members of the association;

2) To raise the qualification of its members by applying the best practices for fraud detection;

3) To cooperate with state and municipal authorities as well as other organizations in applying different fraud detection methods;

4) To interact with authorities in order to improve legislation and practices in relation to detection and prevention of fraud and corruption.

The means by which the Association achieves those objectives are:

1) Organizing and conducting lectures, seminars and other forms of training related to prevention and detection of fraud and corruption;

2) Training its members and other individuals and organizations in the creation and improvement of different methods used in detection and prevention of fraud;

3) Providing assistance to various authorities and institutions in fraud prevention and detection;

4) Cooperation with other professional bodies and associations in Bulgaria and abroad for conducting research related to fraud and corruption.