ACFE Bulgaria Chapter invites you to join DIGI PAY 2021 on 1st of October

ACFE Bulgaria has the honor to invite you to join the 4th conference for secure and affordable digital payments “DIGI PAY” 2021 on October 1st at Inter Expo Center.

The purpose of the event is to discuss security with business customers and consumers in the risk-free risk assessment, reduce and prevent online fraud, build trust between business and consumers and provide a better user experience and sustainability of the banking and fintech sector in Bulgaria.

Who is the event for?

  • Owners and CEOs of banking institutions, consulting companies, telecoms and fintech companies focused on more convenient and secure payment solutions
  • Security leaders, risk management and online fraud managers, experts and analysts
  • Information security and compliance specialists ; Managers in the banking, telecom and online payments sector
  • Regulators, online fraud and crime institutions
  • Data and payment transfer professionals
  • Security companies, security solution providers, security consultants and software integration solutions
  • Companies Fintech Companies offering solutions related to payments
  • Companies offering solutions for electronic signature, electronic identification, data prevention and analysis, artificial intelligence, blockchain and cryptocurrency
  • Business customers from all sectors of the economy who make online payments
  • Consumers who make online payments

What do you get?

  • If the environment allows it the event will be live, alternatively streaming will be provided
  • Networking – participants will make a meet and exchange invaluable experience of living with leading banking institutions and companies card payment feint companies and companies in the field of security
  • Records of presentations will be available after the conference
  • 7 CPE points for participation in training from ACFE Bulgaria
  • You will be the first to learn about the trends in the field of digital payments and more importantly how to avoid online fraud and data theft

 More information about the speakers and partners of the event of DIGI PAY 2021:

You can also buy your ticket from: 2021-b8dd

ACFE Bulgaria members can use a special code for a 100% discount.

DIGI PAY Conference on October 1st 2021