ACFE Bulgaria has the honor to invite you to the Second SECURITY OF DIGITAL PAYMENTS (DIGI PAY) conference. Within the only security and high-technology SECURITY EXPO in Bulgaria (6-9 March 2019)

>>  Organizer:

Inter Expo Center in partnership with ACFE Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Association of Software Companies

>>  What is the event about?

It is about affordable and secure on-line payments – card, on-line, mobile payments – interbank payment security, transaction monitoring, hacker attack detection solutions, cyber security, countering on-line crime amounting to millions

>>  The key topics

The Revised Directive on Payment Services (PSD2), which will enter into force in September, will require banks to open up their systems to facilitate their customers to make payments.

How will the Bulgarian customer experience the changes?

  • Will on-line and mobile payments be accelerated?
  • What will the criteria for third-party players be to enter the banking market, will the new fintech companies replace the current players in the financial sector?
  • An alternative to banks or healthy competition?
  • Will payments become more secure? Dozens of companies go bankrupt today as a result of after financial fraud and illegal withdrawal from accounts. How is fraud revealed, what are the solutions to prevent the theft of money from bank accounts in a timely manner? The fintech industry is moving faster than sector regulations. How are accounts for billions protected on the Internet?

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