Оn 19 October 2016 a meeting was held of the members of the Bulgarian branch of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE Bulgaria).

Two main areas concerning the activities of ACFE Bulgaria were covered during the meeting- the plan for activities of the Association during the mandate period 2016-2018 and the vision for the organization of learnings, trainings and related activities.

A lecture on cyber fraud was presented on the basis of a report on the same subject by the European Union. Moreover possibilities were discussed of how ACFE can be of assistance and actively participate in prevention and detection of such fraud.

The materials from the lecture are found bellow:


1. Activities and development of ACFE Bulgaria (in bulgarian)

2. Vision for the development of the professional development process (in bulgarian)

3. Cyber fraud. Current state, trends and opportunities (in bulgarian)

ACFE Bulgaria Members Meeting